Frequently Asked Questions


Is it FREE?

Icons and designed graphics are free for non-commercial use and require attribution.
If you would like to use these icons or designed graphics in your commercial projects or not attribute Icograms please refer to Pricing Plans.


Is it vector graphics?

Yes. Save your icograms design as .SVG file to get vector graphics. Then you may work with it in Adobe Illustrator or Inkspace, resize, change colors, etc.
Dimensions (like 640x480) are provided for reference.

What image formats can I get?

Save icograms design in .SVG format to get vector graphics. Also you may save icogram as raster .PNG or .JPG files.


What devices could be used to work with Icograms designer?

For comfortable work with Icograms Designer you need a PC with a minimal screen resolution 1366x768 and a Mouse.

What browsers are supported?

Only the latest versions of modern browsers are supported. Recomended browser is Chrome, as it supports all the features. Internet Explorer is not supported.


What keyboard shortcuts could be used?

In Icograms Designer you may use such shortcuts:

  • Alt - switch between selection and panning mode. Hold Alt for panning mode. Release Alt for selection mode.
  • Ctrl + Mouse Click - select/unselect particular item.
  • Ctrl + A - select all items.
  • Ctrl + Z - undo latest operation. History of operations is limited to 100.
  • Ctrl + C - copies selected elements to clipboard. Could be pasted only to icograms, not to other software.
  • Ctrl + V - pastes selected elements from clipboard. Works across different icograms and even between different browsers.
  • Del - delete selected item(s).
  • Mouse Wheel - zoom in/out.


Do you have some video tutorials?

You may find tutorials on our YouTube Channel.


How to unsubscribe?

Please go to My Account and click on Cancel subscription link.


I could not find answer to my question here.

Do not worry. Contact Us.