Frequently Asked Questions


Is it vector graphics?

Yes, it is. Save your icograms design as .SVG file to get vector graphics. Then you may work with it in Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (see the notes below), resize it, change colors, etc.
Dimensions (like 640x480) are provided for reference.

What image formats can I get?

Save icograms design in .SVG format to get vector graphics. Also you may save icogram design as raster .PNG, .JPG or WebP files.

What angle is used in your graphics?

All our icons and grid are in isometric projection with a 26.565° angle. This is a 2:1 pixel ratio graphics, also known as 2.5D graphics.

Can I change the camera view point?

No. The camera view point cannot be changed due to graphics nature (2.5D graphics).

How do I rotate an icon?

Use the Flip function or change it to a related icon with different perspective.

How do I rename a design or change its dimensions?

To rename a design or change its dimensions, click on the design name and dimensions in the designer footer. Then enter the new name and dimensions.

How do I set a transparent background?

To set a transparent background, click on color icon before design name in the bottom, and select transparent color (tiles).

How can I drop a map in Icograms Designer?

To drop a map in Icograms Designer, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your map and rotate it so that roads and houses align with vertical and horizontal lines if possible.
  2. Save the map in PNG, JPG, GIF, or WebP format, keeping it under 2MB (depending on your plan).
  3. Upload the map to Icograms Designer by selecting the 'Uploads' palette (found under Search), clicking the 'Upload' button, and choosing your file.
  4. Move the uploaded map to the work area and scale it if necessary.
  5. Press 'Shear Clockwise' or 'Shear Counterclockwise' to achieve a horizontal projection of the map.

Can I share a design?

To share a design with another user, both of you should be part of the same team. Once you are part of a team, you can copy a design to a shared space, allowing another user to edit it. Please note, simultaneous editing is not supported.

I got an error: "Error Saving: Not Saved. Conflict. Please open icograms design again from My Designs". What does it mean?

This means that the same icograms design is opened in another browser or another tab of the same browser, or is edited by another user.. Such editing causes conflict in saving data.

What keyboard shortcuts could be used?

In Icograms Designer, you can use the following shortcuts:

  • Space: Switch between selection and panning mode. Hold Space for panning mode.
  • Shift + Mouse Select: Select items in a rectangle.
  • Alt + Mouse Drag: Duplicate and drag item(s).
  • Ctrl + Mouse Click: Select/unselect a particular item.
  • Ctrl + A: Select all items.
  • Ctrl + G: Group selected items.
  • Ctrl + Shift + G: Ungroup selected item.
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo the latest operation. The history of operations is limited to 100.
  • Ctrl + C: Copy selected elements to the clipboard (can only be pasted in icograms, not other software).
  • Ctrl + V: Paste selected elements from the clipboard (works across different icogram designs and even between different browsers).
  • Del or Backspace: Delete selected item(s).
  • Arrows: Move selected item(s) by one point.
  • Shift + Arrows: Move selected item(s) by four points.
  • Mouse Wheel: Zoom in/out.
  • Note: On Mac, use Command key instead of Ctrl.


What devices can be used to work with Icograms Designer?

For comfortable work with Icograms Designer you need a PC with a minimal screen resolution of 1366x768 and a Mouse.

What browsers are supported?

Only the latest versions of modern browsers are supported. We recommend using Chrome, as it supports all features. Internet Explorer is not supported.


Do you have some video tutorials?

You can find tutorials on our Tutorials page.


Is it free?

You can start using Icograms Designer for free for evaluation purposes. Please refer to Pricing Plans for details about upgrades.

Can I use designs created in Icograms Designer in commercial projects?

You need to obtain a Commercial License for this.

Can I sell designs created in Icograms Designer?

No, selling designs created in Icograms Designer is forbidden by Terms of Service and Licenses.


What payment system do you use?

We use MyCommerce, a Digital River Company.

How to unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe, please go to My Account and click on the Cancel Automatic Renewal link.

How to unsubscribe for Germany customers?

Please go to Germany Compliant Cancellation Form - available for Germany customers only.

Can I purchase several licenses for several users?

Yes, you can. Please Contact us with details.

Is Tax/VAT collected during purchase?

Yes, during purchase, VAT or tax is added to an order based on the customer's location. Please review Digital River Tax Calculation Information.

How to proceed with USA state sales tax exempt?

Unfortunately, our payment system doesn't process USA tax-exempt payments automatically. There are two options to solve this:

  1. Place an order that will include tax. Then send an email with the tax-exempt document and order # to They will refund the tax and regenerate the invoice. It usually takes 5-7 days.
  2. Place a Purchase Order and attach the Purchase Order Request and the Tax-exempt document as one PDF file.

Why VAT is added despite entering a valid Germany VAT ID?

This is because MyCommerce is registered in Germany. More Information.

Can I receive an Invoice?

Invoice is sent to the billing email once it is processed. Please Contact Us to resend it.

What company provides the service?

The seller of the product is Digital River GmbH, Germany. Publisher of the product is 5Pro Software GbR, Germany.

Do you support Purchase Orders?

Yes, we do support Purchase Orders for select countries and currencies. More Information.

I want to change my subscription plan. How to proceed?

Please Contact Us for instructions on how to change your subscription plan..

Will I receive notification email before renewal?

For Yearly subscriptions, you will receive a Rebilling Reminder email 14 days before renewal (31 days for France).
For Monthly subscriptions, no Rebilling Reminder is sent.

Education Edition

Does Education Edition has limited features?

No, the Education Edition offers the same features as the main site, along with additional functionalities tailored specifically for students and teachers. To ensure suitability for educational environments, some icons and templates that might be considered inappropriate for children are filtered out from the Education Edition.


Where can I get information for Resellers?

Information is provided on our payment system FAQ for Resellers.

How to register as a Reseller?

You can register as a reseller by following this link register as a Reseller.

Third-party software

How Adobe Illustrator works with exported SVG file?

If you use SVG files as uploads, Adobe Illustrator may not display them properly. This is a known issue with Adobe Illustrator, as it does not support SVG files embedded within SVG files. We recommend using high-dimensional PNG files (2x, 4x, 8x) instead.
Additionally, if you are using Google Fonts, they may not be displayed in Illustrator unless they are installed on your computer.

How Inkscape works with exported SVG file?

If you use SVG files as uploads, Inkscape will display them in a rasterized format, which may not be suitable for high-dpi printing. To ensure better quality, we recommend using high-dimensional PNG files (2x, 4x, 8x) instead.
Additionally, if you are using Google Fonts, they may not be shown in Inkscape unless they are installed on your computer.


I cannot export an image or open a template

Some browser extensions like ad blockers (including uBlock) interfere with the site. Please review your browser extensions and turn off extensions that interfere with the site.

I could not find an answer to my question here.

Do not worry, you can Contact Us for further assistance.