Gather Town School Map

Let's create a School map that can be integrated into Gather Town

What you can create using Icograms Designer

Level: advanced

Gather Town is a video-calling space that lets multiple people hold separate conversations in parallel, walking in and out of those conversations just as easily as they would in real life.

With the help of Icograms Designer, you can create an isometric (3D-looking) map of a school building, yard, camp, or any room. Then you can integrate it into Gather Town as a background image and organize your remote lesson or any other event.

Creating graphics for Gather Town is similar to other graphics, but has a few differences.

At first glance the grids in Icograms and Gather Town look different, but they are exactly the same. Both grids have the same position of the main points and the same distance between them 32px. For best results, we recommend to put most of our objects in 200% scale, but you can scale on your own.
Icograms and Gather Town Grids

When creating a background for Gather Town, consider the distance between objects (impassable tiles). Leave enough free space between the main points so that the avatar can walk there. To go diagonally, your avatar must take two steps horizontally and one step vertically.
Space for Avatar

Background and Foreground.
Using Icograms Designer you can create not only a Background but also a Foreground, as we did with the bushes in the image below (don’t forget to make a transparent background for the Foreground image).

In the video below we’ll show you how to create an Education Centre building and it’s interior.
For more information how to work with Icograms Designer please visit our Tutorials page.

How to work with Icograms Designer

Get started from scratch

  • Open Icograms Designer
  • Drag and drop icons to work area
  • Use clone tools and copy/paste to speed up
  • Move, resize and recolor to find the best solution
  • Add text and symbols
  • Upload your own graphics if needed
  • Download created graphics

Get started from template

  • Choose a Template suitable for you
  • Drag and drop additional graphics if needed
  • Insert your own data using text boxes
  • Change colors, fonts and icons to customize your design
  • Upload your own graphics if needed
  • Download created graphics

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